Sunday, November 28, 2010

the search begins

It's been so cold here in California, signs that the holidays are here. I've been having some trouble getting into the holiday spirit but with Abe's constant need to listen to Christmas music, I think I'm starting to feel it.

Thanksgiving was this past Thursday, I spent the evening with Abraham's family. We had the traditional American dinner, complete with honey roasted ham, turkey, stuffing, salad, and wine. Abraham's sister Denise is excellent with baking pastries. I told her I wanted to take her home with me so she could bake pastries for me all day!
The weekend that followed was very low-key and relaxing. Abraham and I drove up to Pasadena where we went into a few record shops and into Out of the Closet, which is my favorite thrift store to buy books. I purchased "When You Are Engulfed in Flames" by David Sedaris and "The Liar's Club" by Mary Karr. I'll be sure to take pictures next time I'm in Pasadena, it's one of my favorite places to go. They have a bunch of shops, and a Kabuki restaurant. It's my perfect kind of day, eating sushi then picking up a few new books.

today I'm beginning my search on where I want to go for my twenty first birthday in January. I originally wanted to go to Vegas but I think that's a tad too predictable. It's my twenty first birthday, why not go all out? I had a few places in mind. After my research I hope I will be able to pick between the three. Since each of these places offer their own unique attractions, it's going to be tough!

1. New York City:

Central Park at Dusk, New York City
Average price per person (hotel and flight): $560. My stay would be for about 4-5 days.

2. San Fransisco:

Downtown San Fran
($60-$120 hotel/per night) My stay would be for about two or three days, or even longer considering hotel prices aren't that expensive.

3. Yosemite National Park:

($48-$100 hotel/per night)
My stay would be for two or three days. I've been there before but it's so beautiful I want to go back. The fresh air, the wilderness and waterfalls, it's definitely worth the five hour drive here from Los Angeles.

These are just a few places that immediately came to my mind. If you have any neat places you've visited lately I'd love to know. I'm open to expand my list!


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