Monday, August 8, 2011

the opposite of lost

When I first started this blog I wanted to show my readers my side of the world.  I 
loved seeing so many different locations through my favorite blogs. I made a point 
to photograph the cities around me: Los Angeles, Hollywood, Pasadena, basically 
all major attractions. I had a lot of fun doing so, going down my list of places to go. 
These past few days though, I no longer feel the need to photograph these types of 
places. In the sense that I was photographing tourist spots, my photographs often 
weren't very personal. There wasn't much of myself in them.

My need to photograph now comes deep from within, wanting to capture the things 
I appreciate and things I want to remember. Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting 
a series of photos that reflect my life.

moving foward
driving by
yogurtlandGriffith Observatory
movie nightRolly and Cocoa
Miranda July

01. my favorite pair of shoes, Keds. 02. I love accidental photos. 03. I really liked how rich in color these 
roses were. 04. My dog, Rolly. (I have a theory he likes to be photographed; he remains completely still 
until I'm done taking his photo.) 05. I love frozen yogurt and will eat it every chance I get. 06. Griffith 
Observatory. If you plan to visit LA someday, I highly recommend visiting Griffith. (If you'd like to see the 
inside, click here.) 07. Watched: Crazy. Stupid. Love. (If I may add, Ryan Gosling is incredibly handsome 
in this movie.) 08. My dogs playing. 08. Being sick is awful; I spent the afternoon sipping on hot chocolate 
and reading one of my favorite books.

I also wanted to ask you all a question: what are your thoughts on tattoos?

I know my good friend over at Galatea got an awesome one not so long ago, (click 
here). I believe her tattoo is a perfect example of how symbolic and meaningful a 
tattoo can be.

I'm thinking of getting one soon.... do any of you have one?

Thank you all for your continuous support x

Extinction, The Soft Pack.


Amber said...

I love the photos. Do you want to be a photographer for a career?

I like tattoos, but I probably wouldn't get one.

Brenda said...

Amber: Thank you :) To answer your question, I would love to major in photography but I'm still undecided.

+ thanks for the input on tattoos!

Ainsley said...

LOVE miranda july

Olga said...

It's brilliant, the idea about the more personal photos. They resemble scenes from a diary.

Brenda said...

Ainsley: Her work is pretty amazing.

Olga: Thank you! That's exactly what I was going for.... (a photo diary.)


Amylou said...

Yay for pups who like photos! My pup doesn't like it but she will obey.
I really want to see that movie!
Tattoos...I don't have one, but I would definitely get one if needles didn't terrify me! I don't see anything wrong with them and wish the world would be less quick to judge such things.

Jane said...

I love these pictures! Looking forward to more :) I like tattoos, but I can't think of anything that's personal enough to have on my skin forever!

tasha faye said...

i absolutely love and agree with what you said here. funny how i feel the exact same way about photography! <3 with that said, i find these photographs amazing. i can never tire of seeing the Griffith Observatory, it's such a beautiful building! (: +get well very soon, lovely. xxx

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

These are stunning! I love personal photos. I like tattoos and i'm planning a few, i'd love to know how much it's going to hurt before jumping into the deep end. x hivenn

fhenny said...

oh those are beautiful photographs. personal photos are interesting!
hmm i have this little eagerness to make a tattoo of words/saying but i just havent get the guts yet


Brenda said...

Amylou: Your comment made me laugh haha. I recommend the movie, it has a really interesting turning point! + I agree on your thoughts on tattoos... thanks for sharing!

Jane: Thank you<3 + Yes, that seems to be my problem at the moment >.<

Tasha: I have plenty of Griffith pictures... I'll be sure to post more :)+ Thanks hun.

Jazzy E: Glad you liked them! + that's another issue I'm worried about lol...

fhenny: Thanks! :)

World Tour Stories said...

aaah i love your dog

Li + Belle said...

Something to lose, or something close to, is always very difficult. But it is also an opportunity to start over. I really like your tourist photos of your home, because I see with the eyes of a tourist. But I also like much your photos of you personally. Photos that show what you like, how you live and what you experience. This is very nice.
And I like your dogs are so cute.

galatea. said...

that was a nice read. i look forward to more personal posts! and yes, we should definitely shoot together. let me know when you'll be heading towards this side of town x

kelli case anderson said...

i loved crazy stupid love!

Maral said...

Hi Brenda!
Your pictures are amazing, as usual, and I think that it's great that you are trying to make your blog more personal; it is more fun to read that way! On tattoos- if you think that it's going to be really meaningful, get it. But also think about the pain you'll have to endure and the fact that it's going to be there for the rest of your life...

Stop by again for more great photos and delicious recipes!

Your follower,

Daria said...

such a nice photos! it still feels like Summer!


Brenda said...

World Tour Stories, Kelli, Daria: Thank you for stopping by!

Li + Belle: Yes, you're right. always love the advice from you girls.

galatea: awesome. I'll let you know!

Maral: You're very sweet. Thank you for the input on my blog + tattoos. :D

Fransisca Angela said...

love these instax pictures!
Hmm an encouragement or your favorite words would be nice. or just simply your name, would be great too :D

A Lost Feather said...

oh man. her tattoo is amazing- reallly makes me want to get a 2nd. not too many people know about my first one.. it's on my hip- a bird. when i was little my cousins who are my age had to move away from ny to chicago. we were sooo sad. my younger cousin said "i wish i was a bird so i could come visit whenever i wanted." and i remembered that statement 12 years later and decided to go with a soaring bird as my tattoo :)

i always enjoy your photos and love the direction you're taking them! have fun!