Wednesday, November 2, 2011

waiting, down by the city lights.

rose garden

The city of LA and Griffith Park Observatory will never get old for me. Each time I visit, I fall in love all over again.

This week I didn't take my photography as seriously, having fun with some photoshop effects and trying out light photography for the first time.

sunset, La Habra.
pink sunset

With music like this on repeat, I can't help but to daydream.

Have a great week everyone!


musicandmollie said...

love the view of riffith Park and the sunset. lovely images, following! :)

♥mollie from musicandmollie

a sip of fashion baby said...

wow!! i like this post! 8) i never been to la but your pics are so fantastic!!!!
I wanna invite you on my blog!!my last post is about sheepskin coat 8)
if you like my blog follow me!! I always follow back <3

Jane said...

It's okay to have fun with your photography and try new things! I really like seeing LA through your photos.

dusanabotswana said...

Wow, you take amazing pictures, what a talented photographer you are!

tasha faye said...

these photographs are so stunning, Brenda. i had a doubletake on the first photo. how amazing is it to see a meteor! i've never seen one, i think. i have missed your photographs and posts so much. :) i hope you're well and happy, lovely. xx

Brenda said...

music and mollie: thanks hun! I checked out your blog :)

a sip of fashion baby: I'm going to check out your blog ^-^

Jane: Yes, I had fun this week with my photos + I'm glad (:

dusanabotswana: Awh, thank you! :D

Tasha: I'm trying to get on track with posting weekly, I've just been so busy ): Thank you, I wish you're doing well and happy too <3

A Lost Feather said...

painting with light is so funnnn.. kind of addictive too haha.. you should try painting words with flash light!

IONA said...

love the photos especially the one of the hollywood sign!
really like the music too, so relaxing.

Olga said...

Beautiful photos. The diversity of the images seen in this post is very impressive. And thank you for the music :)

ANNIE said...

All the photos taken at dusk are breathtaking and so calming. And it's always good to experiment, just have fun with it :)


krissy rock said...

such pretty pictures!!

FrancescPhoto said...

Great work!! Magnific shots!!

Salut, Francesc

paddle to shore said...

Agreed! It never gets old. I love hiking at Griffith and hanging out at the observatory. XO

Brenda said...

Thanks everyone<3

galatea. said...

how did i miss this!? these are beautiful xx lovely skies ahhhh xx

Lauren said...

I loveeee that first picture so much! Thank you for your sweet comments, I love your blog!