Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas lights

Some shots of my room (decorated in the Christmas spirit, of course!)


Since my parents aren't as festive as they were when I was younger, I went ahead and decorated my room. I put up lights and bought a mini tree. (I got it for a $1 at my local dollar store.) This year I started Christmas shopping early, so I wouldn't be stressing at the very last minute. I only need two more presents, Abe's and my Dad's. As for myself, here is my Christmas List:

1. A new pair of black Keds
2. Year Round Membership for gym
3. Macro Lens and fish eye lens for camera

I find it kind of funny that as I get older the things that end up on my Christmas List are things that are practical and I need, rather than things I wish I could have (even though I don't really need the lenses!)

What do you guys want for Christmas?

Till next time,


lizzie said...

thankyou for your comment lovely, it made me smile :)
these photos are beauts, very festive! I'm going to check out the rest of your posts


Estelle said...

That mini Christmas tree is cute! Here at my house we have been very lazy and haven't put up any decorations, not even the tree! I think I might follow you and put some lights up in my room at least! Lovely post :) x x x