Thursday, December 16, 2010

rays of light

Yesterday I discovered how bad I am at wrapping presents! While I was trying to wrap all the presents I bought to the best of my ability, I caught a glimpse of the sunset outside. It was so pretty, I dropped what I was doing to go outside and take a few shots.


Over the last few days I've been thinking about my blog's main focus. At first, I wanted it to be more about my writing but I decided it's going to be about my photography. I'm no expert, but I hope that along the way I can get better at it.


I took these last three shots from around 5:30 to 6. (It's already dark by six.) The clouds were changing colors rapidly in that last half hour, from golden, to pink, to a dark red.


Hope you guys like them.. As always comments are always appreciated and your opinions are important to me. Let me know what you think :)

Till next time,



Estelle said...

Even if you say you are no expert, I'm pretty impressed with these photos! They're lovely! Oh and I know what you mean about wrapping presents....I work at a clothing store where people want their clothes wrapped for Christmas and its sooo hard to wrap clothes and make it look nice! I get so nervous that it ends up looking terrible hehe!

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, it made my day that you said my blog is getting better! Yayy! x x x x

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Gorgeous landscape.. woaw! I'm following you now!
Thank you so much for your comment :D

Li + Belle said...

Thanks for your comment.:) We love your photos, they are heavenly, especially because in our country falls snow and snow or rain. Your photos remind us of a hot summer, of a warm wind and nights outside in the garden.
We'll following you.:)

Greer said...

beautiful, beautiful photographs. the sky just looks so surreal in these.
stunning really.