Sunday, December 19, 2010

raindrops and sunshowers

It feels like it's been raining for days. Since I was caught inside today because of the weather I decided to take a few pictures. (My family finally got into the Christmas spirit and began to decorate the house!) Here are a few shots.

The reason behind the black and white pictures for this post results from my discovery of Marco Cornelli's blog. I was completely inspired by his ability to take a simple picture and making it more powerful and interesting by taking it in black and white. Thanks for the inspiration, Marco! If you've got some free time on your hands, I'd recommend checking out his blog:

As for the weekend, it seemed the rain ruined most of it. On Friday I went to a show where Abe played with his band but because it was raining, I got soaked! Regardless, Abe was great on stage and I never miss his shows, not for anything in the world.

How was your guy's weekend?

Till next time,



Estelle said...

Oh thank you for your comment on my blog! I love Marco's blog too, its so inspirational and I myself was thinking of taking photos like his! But I really don't know my way around a obviously do though! These are great! I love the raindrops, the presents and the staircase photos the best. Lovely post x x x

Rhianne said...

I always take black and white in the snow - the contrast always looks amazing! Your photos are lovely! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me back to yours :)

suzie said...

many thanks for stopping by my blog….and for pointing out Marco's blog too!
If you like b&w, take a look at Valery's blog too

Amy Radcliffe said...

Hiya, thank you for stopping by at my blog :) I like people that are in the same boat as me :) xx

Cassidy said...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season :)

Paigey The Vintage Dame said...

I love all the Christmasness! And Merry Christmas to you too dolly!(:
(Sorry it's late) hahaha

Stephen said...

Love love love the ones of the stairs! (: Followed you back (: