Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the city


These pictures were taken on the same night I went to the Grove. I took most of these from the top of the building in which we parked. It had a great view, and we could see the Los Angeles buildings clearly. I took the others on the way home on the freeway. I found out how hard it is to take pictures in a moving vehicle! But after a bit of experimenting, I was able to take pictures without all of the blurriness.


So here they are guys. My new year's resolutions!

1. Travel
2. Finish my GE & transfer
3. Get a new job
4. Read one book per month
5. Paint more
6. Improve on my photography

#5 should be easy because for Christmas Abe gave me a briefcase filled with painting supplies and a mini easel.


I'd love to know what yours are! Leave a comment with New Year's Resolution of yours :)



hannah, heart city said...

happy new years! good luck on the resolutions, i'm working on coming up with some of my own..

Fransisca Angela said...

We have the same exact wish for this 2011
Travel more and improve my photography skill
Happy new year, goodluck for the rest of the year :)

Estelle said...

Love the pictures of those paints, very inspirational! I haven't actually thought of one yet, but I might steal yours if thats okay- read a book a month! Hope you had a lovely new year Brenda :) x x x


Cassidy said...

All great resolutions! I'm with you on the painting more :)

Summer said...

Hi doll! I love your resolutions! I'm big on #1! Come visit me sometime :)


xoxo summer

Alex said...

I love your pictures.:D

Amy Radcliffe said...

Im so jealous of where you live! Did you have a good xmas sweetie? xx

Jennifer said...

I'd love to paint more also!!! I still have all my supplies from art school and need to get back into it stat! =) My other resolution is to be more organized and motivated... though i'm not very good at that! =)

Nice to meet you!!! =)

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Jennifurla said...

Happy New year, I am a new follower. I just this very day got my rebel camera and can't wait to start using it!

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Love these photos :) I love your comment, thank you!

Kenziefaith said...

These photos are gorgeous!! You've got great goals for the year - Good luck & Happy new year!! :)

KF x

S and O said...

Great pictures!
I like your read one book a month resolution :D

Jennifer Dawn said...

That mini easel is super cute! Do you happen to know where it's from? I'd love to get one!