Thursday, January 6, 2011

Murphy Ranch


So yesterday my friend Jess (of Think outside the Box) and I set out on a mini hiking adventure at Murphy Ranch in Whittier. It has numerous hiking trails and when we reached the very top of one of the hills, we had a great view of the city. Abe and I had gone once but it was already getting dark and we didn't have much time to explore.


I have to say, I like having a friend that has the same love for photography like I do. People that were there running or walking around said hello to us as they passed by. We thought they were going to think we were weird for walking around with our cameras! But they were rather nice :)


I have another batch of pictures I have yet to upload so I'll be doing another post in a day or two. I also wanted to thank everyone for your comments! =) They’re very encouraging. I decided that once a month I will do a "Book Review" post about the book I've read for the month. What do you think? Good idea?

Till next time,



Jennifurla said...

I love 3 & 4, and the dirt picture. I just got a new camera and have to venture out this weekend!

Megan said...

You've got some really nice photos here! I love these ones from your walk and there is one from a previous post where you are looking up at a sparkling Christmas tree that almost seems to disappear into the sky that is absolutely magical.

I'm a big reader and would love to hear what you are reading lately!

Jess said...

Yes hoochie, you need to review some books :D
We'll go to other places, like Crescent Bay, its so pretty. :]]

Fransisca Angela said...

Indeed,it is so nice when you meet people who has the same hobby as you. I've felt it too, I've met few of them and we're really become a perfect two together.
Sadly in my city they don't have enough space that can give us a chance to shoot beautiful scenery.
I envy you,you have so many places like that (I've seen your list.)
Beautiful photographs ;)

NYC In Photographs said...

Beautiful shots! I love the colors and tones! The one of those red berries is my favorite. It sure looks like a nice relaxing place.

tasha said...

what beautiful photographs! aahhh. <3 i'd love to go hiking with my friends and take lots and lots of photos. nature is magnificent. (: and you should def. go ahead with the book review thing!

Christina said...

thank you so much! lovely blog :)

Krystal said...

Book reviews are always a good idea :) And great pictures!! Thanks for your lovely comments on my own photo blog ;)

Estelle said...

Brenda, your photography skills are growing from strength to strength! And yes please to a book happy to hear that you want to do that because I actually came to comment and ask what book you chose for your first new years resolution read! You deserve encouraging comments...your blog is looking amazing :) x x x

Marinka said...

You are lucky to be surrounded by such a beautiful landscape!
I really like your pictures are really nice!
I think that a book review would e really nice ^^