Saturday, January 29, 2011

Venice Beach


I've missed my blog. Lately school has been so stressful. I actually decided to drop my photography class because it was taking all the fun out of taking pictures. I just love to get out there, experiment and learn on my own.


Yesterday Abe and I went to Venice Beach. By the time we got there, most of the shops were beginning to close so we decided to stay there just for a little while. We usually always go there in the daytime, when all of the street performers are out and the strip is more alive.


I can never walk by Small World Books and not go in! It's partially hidden behind an Italian restaurant and I had never noticed it until the last time we were there. I love how small and inviting it is.


They have almost every genre you can think of!


They also have this cute cat that likes to hang out around and walk up and down the book aisles.


I hope all of you are well. A book review and favorite's post is coming soon!


Li + Belle said...

These are beautiful photos again. I like them very, very good. I especially like the cat that is in the bookstore on the way, (I love book stores. I can not go past and I always have to buy something) and the sunsets. Great colors.

NYC In Photographs said...

Looks like fun! My girlfriend said the same thing about her photography class as well. I agree, I always find it more fun just experimenting and learning on your own.

And sure, you can use any picture you want!

Have a good day!

tasha said...

awww, i hope you wouldn't stress too much about school, love! <3 and these photos are so so so beautiful, really. (: i especially love the fourth photo. the sky looks so pretty and the silhouettes aaand the waves. <3 ahh. so perfect.

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Love these shots!
You are really good :)


Rana said...

i stumbled across ur blog ... the pics are soo nice!!!!

brigduong said...

You have a lovely blog! The last photo is great!

Fransisca Angela said...

my school is depressing too these days by the exam's week.i have no time for blog :(
yes indeed,photography is not about learning,it's all about practicing.
lovely pictures!i'm in love with the sky
have a good day!

o2 said...

You're doing a great job ! I like the idea of having a list of places you want to photograph.
Thank you for visiting my blog, it gave me the opportunity to visit yours ! See u soon !

CarrieJo said...

i love starry night...ahhhh!

be sure to come visit and check out my share the love giveaway!!

*Simply Colette* said...

Love your new header! Too bad you had to drop your class... maybe you can take one later :) That cat reminds me of Dewey the Library Cat. Did you ever read that book? I blogged about it in 2009...

SABINNA and DAVID said...

wow! these photos are stunning! really great!

xx, Sabinna and David

Brenda said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments everyone!

& Colette: I've never read that book. I'll check it out :)

Misha said...

Your pics are adorable! Great job!


stephanie said...

I love Venice Beach! I have a picture of myself at one of the graffiti walls at the beach from 2009 and 2010 and it's crazy how much the walls can change within a year!