Monday, February 21, 2011

between the darkness and light


It was raining all afternoon on Friday so I thought it would be a good opportunity to go to an indoor farmer’s market. I went online and found the Grand Central Market (on Third Street, Los Angeles)


Here are a few reasons why I instantly loved this little farmer’s market:

1. The place looks like one of the farmer’s markets in my mother’s hometown in Mexico. Even the people working and shopping here seemed authentic.

2. It had a wide variety of restaurants and the prices were reasonable. Abe and I had lunch here for under $10. (I bought a lunch box with tempura shrimp and vegetables, rice and a side salad for $5. Abe bought a 6 piece order of sushi for $3.75). And not to mention the food was really good!

3. Their produce prices were impressive. I work at a grocery store so I can compare produce prices easily. For example, a box of blueberries cost $1 where I work and here you can buy 3 boxes for one dollar. Talk about making your dollar go way further.

4. I loved that this place has been around since 1917. They have a few black and white pictures of the market hanging from one of the walls. It’s interesting to see how many people came here then and still come here today.

Also, I found out there's over 50 Farmer's Markets in LA! There's a few that will be added to the "places to photograph list!" :)

I hope all of you are having a great week. <3


*Simply Colette* said...

Love the black and white. The cactus has fond memories for me. Was just telling my bf the other day that my grandfather used to have a cactus plant and we'd cut it up and put in our pinto beans with cheese. :)

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Love these monochrome pictures!
You are really good!

magdalena viktoria said...

You have some fantastic photos here!

NYC In Photographs said...

Great contrast in these shots!

I bet there is probably some great non-gmo food you can't find in a local supermarket there as well.

Felicia said...

Sounds a wonderful market. I wish there was one like that close to my school!

Olga said...

I love that the components of this post - photos and writing are beautiful and harmonies. I agree with Felicia-I wish there was market like that near by my house.

tasha said...

your photos get better and better every single time, love! <3 i adore how you captured the little details of the market and the typography, ahhh. i'd sooo love to go to a farmer's market one day. (:

Li + Belle said...

B / W is ideal for such motives. B / W allows that I discover many details and little things. Wonderful photos. I think LA is a very beautiful city.

Hanna said...

The farmer's market seems lovely. I wish we had something like that close by where I live.

l i s a z h a n g said...

i love markets too!!!!
i went crazy with food at the queen victoria markets! those choc covered strawberries look amazing!

i love ur black and white photos too!
it has such a nostaligic feel to it!

ps thanks for your comment on my blog!


LM photografic said...

thanks for support on my blog!
i like this page, the layout is very clear and clean, good job :)

hope you'll come back soon!


Doug Hickok said...

These are terrific shots. You make the food look simply delicious! Your color shots are great as well. Lots of impactful hues and interesting angles. And thank you for your kind comments on my blog.

Estelle said...

Annnnddd this is why your blog is my absolute favourite :) These photos are so amazing as always, I don't know how you do it. I will post my Bali photos eventually (my friend has the sd card) but they are going to look totally amateurish compared to yours! The farmers market sounds like heaven, and a little slice of history. I think I need to find one around here! I didn't know you were half Mexican, how cool! x x x

hila said...

we have a similar one where I live in Australia - they are so much better than supermarkets!

ching said...

who knew there could be so much to see in one setting? lovely photos im new to your blog.

Tiziana said...

Beautiful photos! ciao

Krunal said...

beautiful pictures

Ser Vlad said...

Brenda! First time in here. It's a wonderful blog!
Thanks for the visit on mine. These series of photos are amazing.
I definetly have to try to take a shot on cars passing at night: it's absolutely satisfying!

LO' said...

Really nice pictures ! :D

Leigh said...

i really really love your photos...especially the ones of food! yummm :)

Estelle said...

Pssst Brenda I finally put up some photos from my holiday in Bali! Nothing like the amazing shots you do....but just so you know hehe! x x x