Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My DYI project

I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I don’t like having to use the strap my camera came with. I feel like I’m advertising Sony or something… so I decided to make my own camera strap slipcover! It may not be as professional looking as some of the ones I saw online but I'm quite happy with it.

I began by gathering my supplies...
Picking a fabric...
Making some measurements..
The final result..

I plan to make more since my Mom said she’s going to help me out with her sewing machine. Oh, and if you want an in-depth DYI tutorial, Click here.

It's raining as I finish up this post and while I usually love the rain, it prevented me from going out and taking a few pictures today. No worries though, I love drinking hot tea and reading your blogs <3 Thank you all so much for your comments!


tasha said...

wow, this is such a great idea, Brenda! (: i really ought to do that now. hehehe. yours is really pretty, loving the anchors! <3

Felicia said...

Wow so cute! I love it.

Tiziana said...

Lovely idea!

LO' said...

Thanks a lot !
And you're really welcome, your blog is great :D
This idea absolutely fits with my new ourfit ! :D


Pop Champagne said...

haha I never thought about how using the camera straps is like advertising for them, but you got a great point! now I gotta sew my own straps like you ;)

NYC In Photographs said...

Oh wow, that came out really good! I'm not exactly a fan of the obnoxious ones that come with cameras myself. Too bad I'm not as skilled as you, I ended up just using an old leather strap from my grandfather's camera.

Have a great weekend!

tasha said...

hey love! <3 about your question on my post, i didn't actually get a fisheye lens, i merely held my wide angle adapter in front of my normal lens, hahaha! but you can definitely get a fisheye lens at photojojo store!
it's only $50! i hope you'll find something you like on pj store, i absolutely adore it. (:

Fashionography. said...

This is such a good idea! Thanks for sharing, I may have to attempt to make one now :)

islabell said...

thats such a lovely idea, the fabric you chose is gorgeous. i had grand plans to sew an apron today, but i got distracted by the sunshine and walked around all day.