Friday, February 4, 2011

Melrose Ave


Recently I've noticed that I pay more attention to detail than I did before I received my camera and started taking pictures. I have been to Los Angeles way more times than I could count but it wasn't until this particular time that I began to really notice the art on the buildings. I didn't want to photograph the insides of buildings this time but rather the outside.


After we headed over to Sunset Ave where went into Abe's favorite record store, Amoeba. (I swear he's obsessed!)


It's actually a pretty cool record store with hundreds of used CD’s, vinyl’s and movies.


I took these on our walk back to the car.


I don't know about you guys but I'm not such a big fan of Valentine's Day (but I still like to get in the spirit anyway.) I made some Valentine's Day cards the other night at a coworker's Craft Night. I'll share them with you next time!

Do you have any plans for Valentine's Day? I'd love to know! =)


Fransisca Angela said...

i wish i could go to the record store and buy lots of vinyls
will spend valentine's day by attending an event named love garage.they have live performance from two door cinema club and flight facilities
Happy weekend!

tasha said...

wow i can't decide which photo is my favorite! <3 i want to go to LA so badly you wouldn't know. ): hahaha. i love all the graffiti and typography on the buildings. one of the best things about getting my camera is that i notice interesting things and beauty everywhere! i love that about photography. +i want to go to amoeba, it looks like heaven ahhh. hehehe. such a lovely post this is. (:

Krystal said...

everything is so colorful, these are all so great!

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Wow! These places are so fascinating! I love them!


naomi said...

your photos are so good. i love your blog!!

Kristina said...

Really like the pictures of Melrose Avenue.. Isn't it funny that suddenly you start to see all the details much more than before you started photography. Same for me :)
I used to live close to Pasadena when I was younger and I always went on Melrose Ave to do some vintage shopping. Loved it there!!
Have a great weekend, Kristina

HauteWaRdRobe said...

great pics great post keep up the good work followin u xoxo

mr. maus said...

love it

Rana said...

great pics! keep us posted :)

NYC In Photographs said...

Great street shots! I find that since I've picked up photography as a hobby, I tend to notice a lot more things as well. I guess we just train our eyes to look for specific things many people do not care to see.

I hope you had a great weekend!

Myriam said...

Man, your photos are starting to look excellent! I wouldn't mind taking a break from the disgusting weather here in the Natural State for some good ol' sunshine!

I'm not sure what I'm doing for Valentine's Day. It's my first year to have a Valentine (boyfriend) but he's 40 minutes away and I have class until 7. I think we'll end up celebrating later!


Amy Radcliffe said...

Hey you!

I have a question and I thought who best to ask than someone that actually lives in LA. We are driving route 66 and camping on the way, then spending two weeks in CA, do you know if any of the trainstations etc have lockers that we could keep our camping gear in until we move on? Sorry for the random question lol xx

Hanna said...

what lovely pictures! you do have an eye for details, I'd say :) and I'd love to live in a house with a blue flower painted on it!

Mary said...

Wow, great pictures!
And thank you for the compliment, but I think I have to give it back to you ;) Your pictures are truly amazing!
And thank you so much for following me!

blurredmemories said...

wow i love these, what camera do you use?

Morgan Jordan said...

I'm amazed at how gorgeous these are. You have such lovely photos.

Ainsley said...

lovely photos!

maja said...

hi, so nice to see these pics! i'm actually going to LA in april - and your pics made me long even more for that day.

Ser Vlad said...

As you americans says :"You've got it".
These pics are as minimal and easy as amazing. Love the way you take a shot. I need to come to USA!