Monday, April 11, 2011

California Dreaming

Abe's car

A few photos I've taken in local areas.

1. My reflection in Abe's car 2. Flowers Abe gave me 3. My dog 4. Saturday's sunset 5. Roses from Abe 6. Hollywood Blvd 7. Taken on Melrose Ave 8. A church in Downtown Fullerton

Before anything else, I want to thank all of you for your comments! I like that people show interest in my little blog. I also wanted to thank Nicky for giving me an award a few posts back.


Here are the blogs I'm going to pass the award to:

1.Lost in the Crowd
2.talks to tofu
3. A Fine Day for Sailing
4.Artful Nuance
5. La Quadratura del Cerchio
6.Fashion to Fashion
7. My Little Artichoke
7. Girl and Closet
8. A Lost Feather
9. finally hatachi

Make sure to check them out!


Fashionography. said...

These pictures are so pretty, I especially love the first one.

IONA said...

The first picture is beautiful!

Diana said...

Great pictures! I'm loving the first one :)

Misha said...

I absolutely LOVE your photos! The first one is THE BEST! :)

Tiziana said...


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so stunning. x hivennn

Fransisca Angela said...

great set. the sky colors turns out really beautiful, and the roses too.
Have a great day :)

Nicky。♥ said...

shots are once again amazing! :) Soon! ^^

Olga said...

Wonderful photos. I love your experiments with black and white. Regardless of the subject, black and white looks so dramatic. Thank you for the award!

Ser Vlad said...

Such an amazing set of pics. The very first one is my favourite.

Oh darlign, you've pass me the award! Thank you so much. You're so lovely!

Ainsley said...

Thanks for the shout out lady!

Julie Iliana said...

you srsly deserve the award! your pictures are breath taking :) I looooove the first one!

and thank yooou! hehe.

rebecca said...



Lauren said...

Beautiful photos...

LO' said...

You are really welcome, it's always a pleasure to talk with you :D

I wish I lived in California, I swear this is the best place in the world, I miss it so much I'm really jealous :( Lucky girl ♥

Thanks a lot for your comment,

Hope you had a nice day !


Jennifurla said...

I am just loving number 1, I took a few shot from my car once and the reflections really created a special look.

Hope you having a good week

A Lost Feather said...

oo thank you :)

that first image is so.. cool- for lack of a better word (i really need to expand my vocabulary!) it's so confusing and awesome!

tasha said...

i really cannot decide which photo i like the most. they are all so beautiful! <3 and you got the fisheye lens?! (: xx

Felicia said...

I love your photography! Now I'm California Dreaming. :)

Thank you for the lovely award! <3

Brenda said...

Thank you for your feedback everyone! <3

Tasha: No, I didn't get an actual fish eye lens. I bought a set of three macro filters and when I put all three of them on, I get the fisheye effect :)

stephanie said...

thanks for that suggestion brenda! i'm definetely going to look into it. Btw I love meeting other bloggers that are from LA too! Do you happen to go to school/work in LA as well?

rebecca said...

thanks a lot ! (:


LCR said...

you photography blows me away. i am now officially a follower, i gotta keep up with this eye candy:)

Krystal said...

the pictures are so great, I looove the first one (and all of them, haha)

Miss A said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment (and welcome)! :)
You've got a super cute blog yourself! I love the pictures! All of them are fantastic!

Brenda said...

Stephanie: I also love finding other LA blogs! No, I go to school in Norwalk but I spend most of my time in LA :)

LCR, Krystal, Miss A: Thank you very much <3

christine donee said...

Love the photos! ((and now I have "california dreamin" stuck in my head.. but that's not too bad))

Pop Champagne said...

lovely pictures you took!! and you have a cute blog, have a great weekend!

brigduong said...

I really love the first picture!
& by the way thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, the camera is actually my friend's though. I use a Nikon d5000 :-)

Sarah said...

This is fun! I haven't seen a photo version an award chain before. Lovely photos!

Elisabelle said...

i love the car shot. looks like a double exposure!

Ola said...

I just love the shot with the dog!