Monday, April 4, 2011

down by the sea

On Saturday Abraham and I drove up to Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. I remember coming here as a child and loving everything about it. The hotel is beautifully built and the beach always seems very calm and welcoming.


The history of the hotel is fascinating. Since opening in 1888, a long list of famous people have stayed here. This includes Thomas Edison and John F. Kennedy. Also, it's supposedly haunted!

We spent the morning exploring the hotel, the beach and the nearby shops. After a few hours we headed to Old Town San Diego, which is only fifteen minutes away. It's one of my favorite places to go!


We walked into this adorable little shop... check out the stars!


I thought they were really neat.


Abe and I like to come to Old Town every few months. We like to spend the whole day out there, making it a mini getaway. If you're in the area, click on the following links for more information.

Hotel Del Coronado
Old Town

I hope all of you had a great weekend!<3


Felicia said...

wow! what a beautiful town and hotel! i love the colors, especially in the first photo. :)

Ser Vlad said...

Holy shit! I know these places! I've been in San Diego in 2006.. is such a wonderful city.. I wish to come there! It was one of the best trip in my life...

Nicky。♥ said...

I was also at sea Saturday. But your shots are really beautiful! :)) How good are approaching more and more sunny days!
Kiss Nicky

Ainsley said...

i love coronado! and the hotel is so cute! i love how skinny the hallways are and all the decor. looks like a lot of fun!

next time you're in old town, if you eat fish, try miso harney!

Brenda said...

Felicia: Thank you very much :)

Ser Vlad: Really? That's awesome! I didn't think anyone would recognize these places! :D

Nicky: Thank you! I know, I'm loving the sunny days! =)

Ainsley: Yes, the inside of the hotel is just amazing. I'll be sure to try miso harney next time I'm there!

islabell said...

awww lovely images. I really like the first one. The sky is amazing

Li + Belle said...

I love the second photo - so beautiful. But also I like the hotel very much. Thanks for the tip, if I get time there.

Marinka said...

wow the town looks amazing , I love the stores full of beautiful light, and the colors!
Great pictures really ^^

augustalolita said...

seriously awesome photos!! i miss San Diego, especially old town. and ive always wanted to visit the very famous hotel Coronado!! so cool!!

galatea. said...

i'm soo glad you posted this! i am in looove with the coronado beach resort, such a lovely place. did you see all the dr. seuss sculptures in the front garden? super cool x

Brenda said...

Islabell, Li + Belle, Marinka: Very lovely words, thank you :)

Augustlolita: Thank you! I recommend visiting it next time your'e there, I'm sure you'll love it (:

Galatea: There's Dr. Seuss sculptures? That's awesome! I must have missed them... I'm going to check them out next time =)

Tiziana said...

Beautiful photos!

Olga said...

What lovely photos, full of live and colour! You can see that there are many places to go in San Diego. I would love to go to the beach right at this moment :)

Fashionography. said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! The stars are indeed very pretty.

LO' said...

Thanks a lot for your lovely comment !

Well.. I re do my color every 3 weeks so I think it's why the color is staying ! XD

Nice pictures ♥


Fransisca Angela said...

Sorry if I bother, but I want to inform you that I've changed my blog URL into :
I'm no longer updating the old one. Thank you :)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Love these! x hivennn

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

P.S i'm fo sho following (and now i'm off to look at your older posts)

A Lost Feather said...

so pretty! i love san deigo.. i was only there once as a little one, but everyone that i've met from the area is so friendly :)
i stayed at that hotel when i was there with my family! it looks so familiar, but probably from seeing pictures, not from my memory because I was about 4 years old hehe

this summer will be my first time in yosemite! .. actually my first time in northern CA at all.. i'm SO excited.. i've been wanting to go since forever!

ching said...

wow theres so many things and trinkets to see!

Julie Iliana said...

ah! these are amazing pictures! this makes me want to fly over and stay here and experience this myself! :)

seriously love your blog!

your new follower ♥,
julie iliana

Elis said...

hey, thank you.
i like your photos as well. the colors are phenomenal.
my blog is where i experiment with different photography techniques. i hope you enjoyed those experiments :)

Cassidy said...

What a beautiful place! I must visit it someday (I live in California so that would not be difficult).

Also, I just released the first issue of my magazine Femme and I would love it if you checked it out! You can read it here:

annA said...

Thanks Brenda for your comment, I'm glad you enjoy my photos!

Great place, I love the photo with the colorful skulls!

Cat said...

Ohhh...a haunted hotel...spooky and really cool at the same time :) What I wouldn't give for a little weekend getaway with the hubs right about now :) xx Cat

The Hue Smiles said...

wow great pictures! looks like you guys had a great time
Forever Chic,

IONA said...

what an adorable little town, i love the lights!

Mary said...

I guess I will say this again and again, but I absolutely LOVE your pictures!
Thank you so much for your 'good luck' wish and your advice! It really worked ;) I took the time to celebrate the birthday, enjoyed the sun a little bit and was able to study enough to get a B. So glad about that :)
I hope you're doing well, too!

♡Shayla♡ said...

gorgeous.. oh how i miss the beach!

I never got a chance to stop by and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog a few posts back.. :) I appreciate your input and your interest in discovering hidden treasures in city's that aren't your own! I do too!

I hope you're enjoying spring and all the beautiful things that come with it! .love.

Kimberly Geneviève said...

wow. these are so lovely. there's just something about san diego.


tasha said...

oh, how i'd love to go there! <3 your photos are sooo good, love. i especially love the one of the stars, hehe. (: xx

calla said...

you are SOOOO lucky to live in ca! you guys get the best weather and best historic places, oh and the best food- pollo loco, in&out... wtf! love the hotel del coronado. it's beautiful.