Monday, May 2, 2011

flying a kite

"I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, "This is what it is to be happy."

pink rose
abe and I

(Quote from The Bell Jar)

It was a wonderful week. Abe and I went to Bolsa Chica Beach yesterday. How was your weekend, I'd love to know! Also, Mother's Day is coming up. I'm still thinking of good gift ideas for my Mom. Do you know what your getting your Mom yet?



Miss A said...

Beautiful photography! It's like every picture has a story to tell :) My weekend was spent just at home. I did have lunch at my aunt's place on Sunday though.

LCR said...

Oh my gosh. Every single time your photos blow me away!! This looked like an amazing vacay. And my the way... Thanks for reminding me about mothers day. Eep!!

Brenda said...

Thanks a lot girls! <3

LCR: I didn't take a vacation, I wish! These photos are from the past week; some are from outside of my boyfriend's house and others from the beach. & no problem. At least we still have another week until Mother's Day ! :o

Ser Vlad said...

Your photos are absolutely amazing. I just love the way you take a shot. The last one is awesome. Brenda, you're the best!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

As stunning as ever.

Amy Radcliffe said...

Dude email me @ I have a proposition for you :) loving how good you are becoming xx

tasha said...

oh Brenda. <3 the more i see your photos, the more i'm loving your photography! you are so so good at it already! i'm happy you got the fisheye lens, the photos have a really fun and film-y vibe to them. (: is that Venice Beach? i've been dreaming alot lately of going there. <3 xxxxx

annA said...

Wonderful photos especially the first!

Skip to my blog to know what you think of the new title!

Fran said...

I like the second photo a lot! It looks like an album cover or a postcard.

Brenda said...

Ser Vlad: You're very sweet, thank you!

Amy: I will be sure to email you :D

Tasha: You always have the kindest words <3
and no, this is Bolsa Chica Beach. (Abraham and I plan to go to Venice Beach sometime this month so I'll have photos from there soon!)

Jazzy E, Anna, Fran: Thank you very much (:

rebecca said...

thanks a lot ! :)
lovely pictures as well!


galatea. said...

that's the cutest pussycat! i love that photo, but my fave are the flower shots- especially the blur. great job xx

A Lost Feather said...

oooo bunnies! that 2nd photo is sooooo pretttyyy.. makes me think of gorgeous summer days. i love it. and the sky in that lost photo.. so dramatic!

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

i always love your photos Brenda!

Felicia said...

cute cute bunnies!

I need to get my booty to the beach asap!

Nicky。♥ said...

As always your photos are very beautiful! I'm back from my trip to Pisa :) soon!

ilaria said...

Hi Brenda :)
Nice to meet you!
Beautiful pictures...I think I'll follow you!


LCR said...

thanks for coming by and sharing feedback on the photo shares... it's official. it'll continue for sure:) Will you share one day? hope so!

Fashionography. said...

These are all gorgeous, but the second one is definitley my favorite. Love!

Fransisca Angela said...

I love the color that turns out on your 2nd photo so much! and also the bunnies are so adorable <3

My weekend was okay, met up with some old friends & missing the good-old-days . I would like to give my mom a bag for her mother's day gift :)

Raffaella said...

love these pics especially the one with your feet in the sand!!! =D
if u can take a look at my blog i'd really appreciate it!!! xoxo

francesca said...

your shot are amazing, i love everyone one<3

Julie Iliana said...

omg, the 2nd picture is breath taking! I won't repeat myself again about how amazing your pictures are... ;)

and I just booked an appt for next Saturday for a spa meeting for my mother! :) and flowers and a card of course. hope you find the perfect thing for her!


Miss A said...

Hi, again! I'm just leaving a second comment because I gave your blog an award ^^ You've been so sweet to me, so I obviously had to pass on the award to you! You can find it here:

rebecca said...

ohhh, i haven't read the bell jar for such a long time! it was mother's day a couple of months ago for me, and i got my mum a bracelet (:

thrviewfinder said...

Beautiful series of images...
The second shot is awesome love the hues, the kite great compo

well done

A Lost Feather said...

mm yes i still love the bunnies hehe

i've only been out to southern ca once (other than the time i was 3 but i don't remember that!) and i was shocked at the traffic haha.. i mean, we have obnoxious traffic in ny.. but the highways out by you- so many lanes! so anyway, i can understand what you mean about finding the right time to travel up to san fran. it's a gorgeous drive though, right? but yeah traffic does put a damper on things. i live 14 miles from my bf and it takes me about 35-45 mins to get to his place. drives me insane.

i think your best bet would be to avoid going during the summer! less traffic when all the kiddies are in school :)

Brenda said...

Rebecca, Galatea, A Lost Feather, Marco, Felicia, Nicky, Ilaria, LCR, Fashionography, Raffaella, Francesca, Julie, Rebecca, thrviewfinder: Thanks a lot!!

Miss A: Awesome! Thank you <3

l i s a z h a n g said...

loving your pictures of the beach love!
we've been hanging there way too much lately even though its wintery weather!


tattina said...

The photos are so nice!
And I had a great week - my daughter with my two grandauhters had come to visit me (they live in Instumbul). I've shown them all in my blog.
Yore wellcome, Brenda!

Li + Belle said...

I especially love the 2th, the 4th and the 10th image. They are great, and they are show a great time.

LCR said...

Thanks for coming by the photo share and wanting to participate!! I was totally hoping you would:) Now you can center your tree-themed photography;)

Have fun! can't wait to see the product.

LO' said...

In France Mothers Day is the 29th of May and I already bought "Scarlett" by Cacharel for my mom :) ♥
Hope she will like it !

These pictures are lovely !


ms.ukraine said...

this past weekend we flew a kite, too. it was the best part of the birthday party.

love your photos!