Monday, August 29, 2011

The Blue Hour

blue hour
telephone wirestree
car lights

I recently discovered what the blue hour is.
In the photography world, it's the time between sunset and 
nightfall. Over the week, I took photos on that particular time 
of day.

Apart from my polaroid project, I've been busy working
on other things. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before
but I'm all about self improvement.I love how there's
little things you can do to better yourself. Each week
I target an area in my life I want to improve and work
on it. So far, I've completed to areas. Week 1= school,
week 2= fitness (running). This upcoming week I'm
going to focus on reading (hence the photo of the
library). Do you do little things to improve yourself
too? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you all for the encouraging comments, they 
really mean a lot xx

I very much love this song at the moment:


Sarah said...

those blue hour photos are very cool. I'd love to fill a whole wall with photos like that.

Jane said...

I love these pictures, especially the blue hour idea. Personally, I don't like the in-between atmosphere of the blue hour, but it does make for lovely pictures!

brigduong said...

wow i'm going to look out for blue hour now!
as for goals, i've tried to target fitness these past two weeks :)

also, in reply to your comment we weren't allowed into the RSL club because not all of us were over 18(we didn't know that EVERYONE had to be over 18) :(

tasha faye said...

so beautiful. <3 i never knew about this blur hour thing, thanks for posting about it hehe. (: and i'm glad you're taking time for yourself and reading! i've just finished One Day, it's so bittersweet. (': as for self-improvement, i've made myself study for abit! xxx

Fransisca Angela said...

This blue hour thing is just beautiful, I love how the color turns out like a gradient. great pictures as well :D

Currently my self-improvement is reading "a year of adventures" in order to encourage myself to travel more and to understand many places around me. And practicing a lot of design tutorial as well :)

Have a great week!

galatea. said...

what a lovely set of images, never heard of the blue hour before- a must try i guess x

it's great to see all these snippets of randomness you've been taking photos of! i especially like the blur on the bookshelves you did x

i like week # 2, i must/should get back into fitness too! thank you for the push ;)

Olga said...

I feel like your most recent Polaroids have gained a sense of mystery; it's as if they are scenes from a mysterious film.

Li + Belle said...

The blue pictures are wonderful.
I read a lot and shoot a lot. That makes my life.:)

Estelle said...

Hi Brenda!

Thanks for commenting on my blog- I love hearing from you :) Yeah, I did cut my hair. It was mostly to get rid of split ends....I'm toying with the idea of going shorter, like Alexa Chung length...but I think I"ll regret it.

These photos are beautiful and moody- I've never heard of the blue hour! How pretty! And in terms of improving myself....I always write myself lists of how I could become 'better' in some way, like reading more Penguin Classics or learning how to make a lemon meringue pie or to give out more compliments....but I'm yet to really accomplish the things on my list! I think its a nice mindframe for us to have though....keeps us trying to improve!

How have you been feeling anyway lovely? I hope you're been doing well, actually been thinking of you! x x x

Grace said...

Lovely photos!
My favorite is the one with the sun and the palm trees, really beautiful!
I had never hear about the blue hour but I guess it's twilight? I love it!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Love these! Is there any chance you can change your text colour? I can't read the majority. x hivenn

Wida said...

Wow, all of your photos are so inspiring. What a lovely project. I hope to jump on board to the Polaroid project as well- if only they were cheap!

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cooksappe said...


Tang said...

Hmm that's an interesting fact! I didn't know that. :)

Dylana Suarez said...

Super lovely blog!


The Annachrist said...

Diggin' it

Krystal said...

ah the blue hour, it's so beautiful :)

Meena Dhuga said...

i simply adore your photos.

Meena ♥

Katie said...

I love the blue hour so much. Gorgeous photos!

Brenda said...

Thank you for all your comments everyone! <3