Monday, September 5, 2011

fall into place

in the sky
palm trees
ferris wheel
chinese lanterns
Olvera Street

This week I experimented taking polaroids with different colors.
I felt the greenish color gave me a nostalgic feel, don't you think?

I took the majority of these photos at the LA county fair; the rest
are from my wandering around Downtown Los Angeles.

creep show
petting zoo
JT + Gabe
art on wall
Pico House
smoking late at night.
yellow flowers
blue skies
union station

Since I am considering getting a tattoo, I thought it would be fun
and a good idea to get a temporary henna tattoo at the fair. Over
the last few days I've been able to see what it would be like to have
one on my arm and so far, I'm liking the idea of having one there. I
would want a sparrow similar to this one, minus the crazy dots
and squiggles.

dark clouds

It's been very liberating not having to use photoshop for polaroids.
The same goes with the photo above.

I hope all of you have a great Labor Day weekend <3


galatea. said...

these are soo personal and real. i love those drooping palm trees, cable cars, the hues of that blue sky! these are my most fave yet x

Estelle said...

Aw that's a good idea to get a henna one first! Looks pretty :) I love these photos, they seems so far removed from my world, even the words "county fair" sound exciting to me lol! I really need to visit LA some day, just following your blog has made me feel I just must!

Guess why I'm broke Brenda? Because I bought tickets to a festival where Fleet Foxes are playing! How weird and wonderful that we'll both be seeing them some time this year :)

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better :)

x x x

Felicia said...

beautiful atmosphere in these polaroids! I love them. :) <3 also, that sounds like a beautiful tattoo-- you should get it!!

sharon vuitton said...

prettyy pictures :)

jamie said...

i loveee these photos and that temporary tattoo! you should totally do it =) hope that your week is going well sweetheart!


Li + Belle said...

I'm in love with your photos. So beautiful.

Sara said...

your pictures are incredible!!!! i'm speachless...

Alexandra said...

These are so gorgeous! Wow!

ANNIE said...

The last photo is stunning, what a lovely moment! Somehow all of these make it seem like the world has just STOPPED for you to take a picture of it.

Are you really getting a tattoo?? I think the sparrow, or birds in general as tatts are so beautiful. IF you really do get one, I'd be excited to see how it turns out!


Fransisca Angela said...

Vivid colors, awesome shot. I enjoy your pictures like usual. Have a nice week :D

FrancescPhoto said...

Wonderful pictures!!Congrats!!!

salut, Barcelona


Kathryn said...

I really do like those greenish looking polaroids. The colors just seems to add so much. These are gorgeous, as usual :)

Brenda said...

Thanks loves! <3

Tiziana said...

Beautiful series!

jamie said...

you are?! cool! cant wait to see a photo of it! I am actually getting one tattoo layered off, i hate it! i got it when i turned 18 and there is no meaning behind it. plus i get stares from a lot of creeps. yikes! it is a tattoo if two ak-47s lol and yes girl, i cant wait to laser it off! So i hope that you enjoy your tattoo girl! Let me know how it goes =)