Monday, September 12, 2011

a time to be born

There is only one time
when it is essential to awaken.
That time is now.


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Sometimes I feel like I am drawn to the city.
I often find myself there on my days off, walking beneath the skyscrapers,
my heart beating contently in a rhythmic thud.

On Thursday I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Downtown
Los Angeles. I was surrounded by the works of Barbara Kruger and Andy Warhol, two of my favorite artists. They also had a few collections of Polaroids,
which I drew some inspiration from. Since I visited on a Thursday, admission was free. This is my idea of a perfect day off.

This week I spent the majority of my time buried within the pages of the new
book I'm reading "The Help". While book browsing at the store, I came upon
The Help and decided to buy it when I read the review on the front cover "If
you only read one book...let this be it." I thought "yeah right, it's that good?.."
But to my surprise, it is. I highly recommend it.

After my henna tattoo completely faded completely a few days ago, I made an
important decision: I'm getting a permanent one. In about a month's time
because it'll give me enough time to find the perfect design and tattoo artist.
All I know so far is I want it to look similar to the one below.

I decided I want a swallow because of the neat symbolism behind it. A swallow, no matter how far it travels, always returns home. I also loved the idea of people getting one after they have overcome a difficult struggle in their lives (which I feel suits me well). And lastly, I liked that it represents faithfulness. A swallow is a monogamous bird and will stay with it's one mate forever. I'll be getting one on my right arm first and in the future another on my left arm to match it.

What do you think?
I would love to hear your thoughts.

love you all x


Nicky said...

oh beautiful picture!

Jane said...

I'm loving your polaroids. Sounds like you had a good day at your MCA! Your tattoo idea sounds great, I like the meaning it has for you. Good luck with finding the perfect design + artist!

galatea. said...

i'm soo excited for you to get a tat xx it's very addicting too!

i think a swallow would be lovely on you. will you get it colored or B&W? i have a few tat artists I would recommend. the last one who did mine was on Melrose called 'Through your Skin'- check it out:

soo nice to hear you visited the MOCA, such a cool place!

Fransisca Angela said...

I adore Andy Warhol's polaroid pictures too, would love to visit that museum one day!

I have seen the same swallow tattoo just like what you wanted, and i think it's beautiful indeed. Love how you define the meanings! Maybe it will look even more beautiful if you put the swallow behind your back? just my thoughts :)

Nice Joy Division shirt you got there :p And it's surprised me that you eat Mexican food everyday. Lovely pictures as usual. Can't wait to see the result :)

Olga said...

Wonderful photos. You have found your own path in Polaroids for sure. Your temporary tattoo is great. The movement of the bird is very dramatic.

galatea. said...

i think caycee did my tat too! see if it's the same guy in those photos i showed you. kinda long (not very long) hair, chill looking dude, very cool xx you'll love it! let me know how it goes x

tasha faye said...

these are amazing pictures, Brenda. <3 and oh, i think getting a swallow tattoo is awesome! i love the symbolism of it and i really like the idea of having it on both arms. these are such lovely thoughts on why you'd want to get a tattoo, go for it! (: xxx

Marisa Noelle said...

I love the meaning behind the swallow...both visually beautiful and meaningful at the same time, so definitely a perfect choice. I'm quite a bird lover naturally I think getting a bird, especially that is altogether lovely. Gorgeous set of photos as well!