Wednesday, March 28, 2012

against the sky

Your brown eyes are my blue skies. They light up the rivers that the birds fly over. against the sky; sunset mountains 030 purple trees over the hill

I miss the waves. All that's been on my mind lately is the summer. School is almost over and I look forward to warm days in the sun, picnics on the beach and late night bonfires. 



Li + Belle said...

I especially love the 5th and the 7th. Great colors.

Hope, you are fine?

galatea. said...

wow these are amazing skies and views! i love the first pic with the trees. they look like crystals xx

tasha faye said...

yay for the spring flowers and trees! <3 i hope you're doing well and are very happy, Brenda. i have missed you so terribly! and this song tops it all off, so lovely xxxx

Brenda said...

Thanks girls ♥