Wednesday, April 18, 2012

take me to the place where the earth and the ocean meet.

I feel it in my heart, body, bones.

This love grows and it spreads.

It's all for you.

lighthouse red sky mary sailing boats Beach House shop saga city
I have a few secret spots in every city.
Long Beach has this amazing little village, complete with a lighthouse, restaurants and ice cream shops.
I come here for the happy hours and the view.
I couldn't possibly ask for more x


Allison said...

Such amazing images!!
AND THANK YOU so much for your comment on my blog! Love seeing other people from LA's things as well!! Follow each other?


Jane said...

Wow this looks like a lovely place! These pictures are gorgeous, I love the lights.

Olga said...

Amazing photos! They show the night spirit of the place.

galatea. said...

wow this is incredible! i had never known about this place, this honestly has got to be my most favorite post of yours so far. it's soo romantic, especially with the lights at night x